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Showing Properties in the Waterloo Region, Guelph and Barrie Areas

An increasing number of TRREB Members and members of our partner boards show properties outside the GTA in the Waterloo Region (Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge), Guelph and Barrie areas.  Our colleagues at the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS® (KWAR) reached out to TRREB and we have agreed to provide TRREB Members and members of our partner boards with much improved access to the SentriLock lockboxes through a new process called OTERR.

While the SentriLock environment provides an app (“SentriConnect”) that our Members can download and use to open the lockbox, it is currently only being used for about half of the appointments. The other times Members are being provided with one-day codes or other means of access. In some instances, listing brokerages have office policies where they will not provide one-day codes, and some real estate boards have policies in place restricting one-day codes, because they are less secure.

Introducing OTERR

This program is called “Out of Town Electronic REALTOR® Registration” (OTERR).Effective May 10, 2022 TRREB Members and members of our partner boards will be able to register with the KWAR SentriLock lockbox system and they will be provided with identical access, rights and obligations to the KWAR lockboxes that KWAR provides to their Members.

KWAR has also made reciprocal agreements for this access to include access to the SentriLock lockboxes used by Members of the Cambridge Association of REALTORS®, Guelph & District Association of REALTORS® and the Barrie and District Association of REALTORS®.

Currently, KWAR is implementing a soft launch of the program but our understanding is that they soon plan to make OTERR registration mandatory for all out-of-town agents (which includes TRREB Members and members of our partner boards) to access KWAR Members lockboxes. They will also discontinue the option to receive a one-day code.

About the Out-of-Town Electronic REALTOR® Registration (OTERR) program

OTERR was developed to eliminate barriers and facilitate REALTOR® access to a client’s property. It is similar to the program used by the London St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR) which requires our Members to pre-register at the LSTAR office to get access to the LSTAR boxes. The primary difference being OTERR is online, and Members can conveniently register through the TRREB MLS® System starting on May 10.

We will provide KWAR with basic identifying information that cannot be changed, and Members will need to complete the remaining registration information with KWAR.

There will be a nominal $20/month + HST fee (charged by KWAR/SentriLock – paid quarterly) collected by credit card during the registration process, but the payment will only be charged upon the successful registration. Once you have filled in your registration information, a notice will be sent to your broker or manager to review and approve the application.

The final step is KWAR staff will be notified when there is a pending application, and they will review and approve the application within two business days. As soon as this last step is completed you will be notified that your application has been approved and receive links to download the SentriKey application, along with support and training information.

More information on how to access this new service will be shared with you in the coming days.  

Author: bramptonrealestateboard

At the Brampton Real Estate Board (BREB) we believe in the ownership of Real Estate. Our objective is to contribute to the capability and growth of our members in their endeavors by marketing all forms of real property throughout the greater Brampton, Halton Hills and Caledon marketplaces and beyond. The Brampton Real Estate Board is dedicated to providing an environment in which it’s Member REALTORS®, employees, Board of Directors, and Committee volunteers are encouraged to grow, succeed and develop in order to provide the highest level of professional conduct and service.

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