BREB Regional Housing Market Tables – August 2012

Please select the links below to view the Regional Housing Market Tables for Halton Region and Peel Region:


Regional Housing Market Stats_Halton Region


TREB Competition Tribunal gets underway

After a lengthy wait, the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) is defending itself against a filing by the Competition Bureau claiming that TREB operates its MLS system using restrictive, anti-competitive practices. Given the importance of this case, there is no question both industry insiders and the general public will be following it closely.

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The Art of Handling Objections

First things first: Let me define the word objection for you so we are on the same page. Objections are direct statements from a client, customer or lead that are being used as an excuse not to do something with or get something from you, the Realtor. This “something” could be signing a contract, making a legitimate offer, booking an appointment or simply obtaining information. People object to just about anything and everything at one time or another.

Objections are not legitimate reasons the person cannot do or get something. Sometimes objections and legitimate reasons look very similar so one needs to treat them the same until they know the excuse is real. How do you know the excuse is real? When you handle the excuse with quality and logic, the objector continues with the same excuse. This means even though there is a logical solution, it just will not solve their issue.

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BREB Charity Golf Tournament

Last Monday BREB hosted its annual charity golf tournament at Lionhead Golf and Country Club. It was a beautiful day enjoyed by all. This week the Brampton Guardian Showcase featured a write up on the golf tournament. Please CLICK HERE to read it

Attention all REALTORS® – Brampton sign By-Law Amendment

To amend By-law 399-2002, as amended,

The Sign By-law

WHEREAS the current provision of the Sign By-law pertaining to Open House Directional Signs was adopted in 2005; and

WHEREAS a revised setback from the roadway will provide more flexibility for the placement of real estate open house signs resulting in greater visibility of the signs to passers-by; and

WHEREAS for sale or lease signs on private property are primarily installed and removed by a third party hired by the real estate agent;

NOW THEREFORE The Council of the Corporation of the City ofBrampton ENACTS as follows.

THAT By-law 399-2002, as amended, is hereby further amended:

1)    By replacing the following sentence to Section 9 EXEMPTIONS FOR SIGNS ON A ROAD RIGHT-OF-WAY:

(9)        Open House Directional Signs, provided that:

(a)      The signs shall be placed only during the hours of the open house;

(b)      No sign shall be located on a centre median of a roadway;

(c)      The signs shall be located a minimum distance of 1 m (3.3 ft) from the curb, asphalt or gravel shoulder of a roadway;

(d)      The signs shall be located a minimum distance of 0.3 m (1 ft) from a sidewalk; and

(e)      The signs shall consist of A-frame signs not exceeding 0.35 m2 (3.75 ft2) in sign area and 0.6 m (2 ft) in height ; and

(f)       The signs shall not be located so as to obstruct or interfere with highway maintenance, impede movement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, impede the use of utilities or bus stops or otherwise create a hazard

2)    By replacing the following sentence to Section 8 EXEMPTIONS:

(3)            A property for sale or lease sign provided that it is on the lot advertising for such purpose and does not exceed 1 m2 (10.8 ft2) in sign area and 1.5 m (4.9 ft) in height for a property zoned residential and 2 m2 (21.5 ft2) in sign area and 3.6 m (12 ft) in height for a property not zoned residential.  Only one for sale or lease sign shall be permitted for each lot and the sign shall be removed within one week after the property is no longer for sale or lease.

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