Listing and Selling Businesses with OREA Standard Forms Webinar




Have you ever thought of expanding your real estate trading activity to include listing and selling businesses? In this webinar we will discuss some of the intricacies involving businesses, the review REBBA 2002 & Regulation obligations and we’ll also touch on other important legislative requirements that can affect the REALTOR® and their consumers in a business trade.  You will also have an opportunity to discuss, ask questions and be more familiar with the OREA Standard Forms & Clauses relating to listing and selling a business.  If you have questions you are invited to send them in advance of the webinar to .


This webinar includes a 45 minute presentation, followed by 15 minute Q &A period and will be facilitated by Cassandra Agnew Walker joined by Lou Radomsky. Cassandra Agnew Walker is Head of Standard Forms at OREA. Cassandra is a former REALTOR®, OREA Director and Instructor. She has extensive facilitation experience with brokerages, boards and associations and exudes enthusiasm in member forms discussions. Lou is Counsel to OREA’s Standard Forms Committee and provides advice on the content, format, and implementation of all standard forms and clauses. He has been an approved Instructor for the Ontario Real Estate Association since March, 1989, conducting Real Property Law, Title Searching, Agency, and many other courses and seminars.


*** All OREA Standard Forms webinars and related resources are for OREA members only. To access the webinar recordings and forms resources you must be registered with a brokerage that is a member of Organized Real Estate, which includes OREA membership. Thank you.***